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so now that I have your attention I will tell you what my problem is.

I am currently writing a paper on “Are friends you have online real friends?” I am arguing yes they are so, if you agree with me and think that the friends you’ve met online are your real friends could you please Reblog this! It would help me a lot especially trying to convince my English teacher that I am not the only person in the world who has this viewpoint

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Vermont Should Be Beautiful This Time of Year— All that Snow. 


The journey is made of a thousand ‘are we there yet’ s from her hoping driver, dashing smiles and turn of heads with the promises of a new scenario and a new continent  - and some refreshment, needed time for the restless couple and some cold – not that she’s a loyal fan of such weathers, bit extreme for what her slim silhouette is used to – but her excitement washes over her soft features nonetheless. But Rose, they soon find out can keep her behavior at bay if only to hide or keep to herself the manner of a five year old.

She laughs along the whole way – jaw falls open upon the heavens presented before her and never had she dreamed to know such a wonder that belongs to Earth – and Earth alone. Surprises herself just the same and scratches on the tender flesh of her lips. Stunned, out of her mind – she doesn’t deserve this luxury and can’t wrap her mind to believe what a price she’s got by the side of the half- Time Lord. A place stands before her – it’s torn from a fairytale and she might take the role of Gretel if her lover agrees to be Hansel. The sweetness is made between them both – damn witches to hell she came to rest and forget about the damnations she works with every day.

Time passes – hands twitch in excitement and anticipation, her grin remains throughout the whole journey it takes to get to know this new labyrinth – she’ll gladly get lost on that majestic piece of architecture! – and the nest that is about to become home for the next weeks is one that makes her insides burn with sparkling joy – the caramel in her eyes melts just the same and if the place wasn’t enough to charm her bones, the smirk on the Doctor’s face manages to finish the job. She flops on the nearest couch – listens and buries herself into a pillow, odd shapes and textures – it’s maple  what intoxicates and burns her nostrils – a muffled giggle and he kicks her shoes out.

“Somewhere that can remind me that – I’ve still got legs! 13 hours sitting in that bloody car? I’d rather like to go and run myself to death- thank you very much, ah! Something warm could do too. Hmmmhmmmm, are ya hungry? Are ya – how do ya have so much energy? Í have – do not at the same time. Jetlagged – it wasn’t like this when we had th’ TARDIS!” She chokes on her own giggles, rolls over – discovers her semblance, throws that square cushion at him – misses, but manages to land just next to the fireplace. Oops, first day – first five minutes and she was so close to burning the place down.

He had turned his back on the window’s picturesque scene and strolled around the room in a fidgety state. He was amused at the excitement that was plain as day in her eyes. She was so full of energy and enthusiasm; always keeping up with his quick pace. He was mindful of how she still tired easier than he, but as a human, his own endurance was not quite what it had been before. Still, this didn’t lessen his exuberance.

Her next words were almost lost to him; he was too busy watching the way her eyes creased when she laughed or how she poked her tongue between her teeth as giggles overtook her. Snapping himself out of the stupor, he effortlessly dodged a cushion that came sailing through the air after him. He let out a laugh of his own when the feathery item nearly crashed into the fireplace. They had come here to avoid utter chaos, not create their own.

Shaking his head, he leaned against the nearby wall and looked down at her. “There’s certainly loads we can do to remind you that you’ve got legs,” he chuckled, “As far as food goes, I can wait until dinner, but if you want to get something before we head out, then, by all means,” he replied, gesturing to the door. “Personally, I’d love to get a better look at this place. Scope the area out, do as much as we can while the sun is still out, and then the night is all ours.” He smiled broadly, standing straight again and peering down at her expectantly, like a dog trying to convince his owner to let him outside.

Vermont Should Be Beautiful This Time of Year— All that Snow. 

John couldn’t sit still the entire drive. He was ridiculously charged with enthusiasm for this trip. They had been planning this for months and finally got off from work and were making it happen. They had debated on where to go, but had insisted on Vermont in America. There were very few places in the world that matched the excitement and relaxation of a ski lodge in the mountains of that state. He floored the car up the long winding driveway until they reached the top. The lodge was extravagant to say the least. It sprawled all across the top of the mountain; reaching into the sky almost as high as it was long. It was constructed of dark wood with massive windows the whole way across. A stone chimney poked out of the top and smoke was puffing lightly from it and bringing in the smell of timber to entice the visitors.

Pulling the car up to the front and stopping, he grinned to Rose in the seat next to him. Everything after was like a blur. They had been checked into their room and stared around the lobby. A lounge was off to the side that had a roaring fire and though the large windows you could see down the mountain and the sparkling white snow stretched as far as you could see in any direction. It was beautiful. The entire scene was rustic and charming; with a warmth to it that you couldn’t really find in England. It was cozy.

Once in their room, John’s grin stretched even further. Their was a queen-sized bed over on the one wall that faced a small fireplace with a television mounted over the mantlepiece. Along with it were little nicknacks that he found he had liked much more than the telly, but it wouldn’t be an American resort without them everywhere. Setting his suitcase down and staring out the window at how the sun caught on the white powder outside and gave off a breathtaking sparkle that was nearly blinding. Turning back to Rose, he bit his lip in anticipation. “Skiing, snowboarding, tubing, sledding, snowmobiles, snowmen, snow-angels, cocoa, hot tubs, a pool, a sauna, 5-star dining, comfortable linens…the whole place is at our disposal…where should we start?”

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"Well Hi there!" She said said happily as she reached over to give him unexpected hug. “I’m Rae, and you are?"

"Oh, hello," he replied cheerfully, "John, lovely to meet you Rae," he smiled.