(( sorry i have an M!A active Rose has to take care of an abandoned baby for 3 days, damn grey faces)) “In the living room!” Rose called out, he could hear something making baby noises coming from the same room “and you’re not going to believe what i have to show you.”  

John could swear he heard the sounds of a baby as he entered, but he didn’t think it was possible. Slowly coming around the corner into the living room, he called out to her. “Oh?” He asked with a laugh, “And what could that b-” he stopped dead in his tracks as he saw Rose with a tiny baby.

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    John allowed a smirk to spread across his face. “Yeah,” he replied, thinking over all the time they spent together. “The...
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    "It’s hard to remember my life before meeting you." Rose smiled at him leaning up and kissing his cheek, "I don’t think...