M!A: Deliriously Drunk ||Open|| 

John snorted as the glass in front of him multiplied and began tilting away from him. I believe I may have had too much to drink…he laughed to himself. He had nearly gotten fired from Torchwood for an accident caused by another employee, his cab got rear-ended at an intersection, giving him whiplash, and Rose accidentally called him ‘Doctor’. He knew it shouldn’t have upset him, but he had been worried lately about how much she missed the Doctor, and he often wondered if she was given the choice to be with him again, would she take it? So here he was: swaying on a bar stool, trying to reach for an ever-moving glass to drown away his misery. He had chosen a bar that no one he knew would go to. He wasn’t keen on being seen like this. 

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    Omi watched as he left through shattered Glass, her face never faltered. She sealed her own fate, and he sealed his own....
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    she sighed heavily “please John, I know something been eating at you for the past few days and I know that assuming is...